Fashioned as a high-impact, high-visibility, top-echelon publication, this new ground-breaking journal - TECHNOLOGY - will feature the development of cutting-edge new technologies in a broad array of emerging fields of science and engineering. The content will have an applied science and technological slant with a focus on both innovation and application to daily lives. It will cover diverse disciplines such as health and life science, energy and environment, advanced materials, technology-based manufacturing, information science and technology, and marine and transportations technologies.

From the Editors

Martin Yarmush & Mehmet Toner

Dear Colleague:

Certain clinical journals do provide high impact, but only after all the translational issues have been resolved to fully realize the application in patients. This "Catch-22" plagues applied scientists and engineers in all of today's important disciplines without exception, but especially those working in the fields related to the Life Sciences and Health.

This limitation also has a negative impact on the entire process of research transfer and commercialization (or research translation). Such transfer of new, innovative technological ideas is best served by a proper means of publication of the initial scientific breakthrough, where the proof of concept is established and the actual innovation occurs and proceeds. Publication of these important advances tend, in our opinion, to suffer from, on the one hand, non-appreciative policies by the above-mentioned high impact journals, and on the other hand, from the fact that somewhat less desirable, lower impact journals typically fail to garner adequate attention, and often lead to a lack of adequate funding. The resulting consequences of both constitute a virtual graveyard where many truly innovative ideas are buried.

In response to these growing concerns, which we know many of our esteemed international colleagues share, we are delighted to announce a new, high impact-striving yet inclusive by definition journal, called TECHNOLOGY. In this new journal, we aim to capture all work that is innovative, enabling, transformative, and early in its development with adequate proof of concept. We wish to emphasize the technology and its impact, and are not necessarily concerned if the paper is not "hypothesis driven".

Our publishing partners, Imperial College Press and World Scientific (ICP / WSPC), are fiercely dedicated to making the new TECHNOLOGY journal attain, a high impact factor as soon as possible, an effort which both of us and our colleagues on the Editorial Board intend to support wholeheartedly. This, of course, includes a very aggressive marketing and outreach plan. In this respect, we feel that the global reach and operation of ICP / WSPC, with their special strength in Asian Emerging markets, many of which have become hotbeds of innovation and new technological ideas, make this journal endeavor especially exciting.

Professor Martin "Maish" Yarmush
Founding Director, Center for Engineering in Medicine 
Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital 
Paul and Mary Monroe Professor of Science and Engineering Distinguished Professor of Biomedical Engineering 
Rutgers University

Professor Mehmet Toner
Founding Director, NIH BioMEMs Resource Center Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital Helen Andrus Benedict Professor of Surgery and Bioengineering Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology Harvard Medical School

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Latest Research

Health & Life Sciences

A novel ultrathin collagen nanolayer assembly for 3-D microtissue engineering: Layer-by-layer collagen deposition for long-term stable microfluidic hepatocyte culture

William J. McCarty, O. Berk Usta, Martha Luitje, Shyam Sundhar Bale, Abhinav Bhushan, Manjunath Hegde, Inna Golberg, Rohit Jindal, Martin L. Yarmush

Review Article

Organomatics and organometrics: Novel platforms for long-term whole-organ culture

Bote G. Bruinsma, Martin L. Yarmush, Korkut Uygun

Faraday instability-based micro droplet ejection for inhalation drug delivery

C.S. Tsai, R.W. Mao, S.K. Lin, Y. Zhu, S.C. Tsai

Design and development of a force sensing skin adapted to a child surrogate to identify potential bruising locations

Raymond D'souza, Gina Bertocci

Review Article

Enhancing the immune response through next generation polymeric vaccine adjuvants

Justin R. Adams, Surya K. Mallapragada


A combined magnetophoresis/dielectrophoresis based microbead array as high-throughput biomolecular tweezers

Lizhi Cao, Zhengchun Peng, Wilbur Lam, Thomas H. Barker

Structural dynamics of viral nanomachines

Joanna Kam, Andrew C. Demmert, Justin R. Tanner, Sarah M. McDonald, Deborah F. Kelly

Portable robot for autonomous venipuncture using 3D near infrared image guidance

Alvin Chen, Kevin Nikitczuk, Jason Nikitczuk, Tim Maguire, Martin Yarmush

Inertial focusing cytometer with integrated optics for particle characterization

Kenneth T. Kotz, Anne C. Petrofsky, Ramin Haghgooie, Robert Granier, Mehmet Toner, Ronald G. Tompkins

An albumin leader sequence coupled with a cleavage site modification enhances the yield of recombinant C-terminal Mullerian Inhibiting Substance

D. Pépin, M. Hoang, F. Nicolaou, K. Hendren, L.A. Benedict, A. Al-Moujahed, A. Sosulski, A. Marmalidou, D. Vavvas, P.K. Donahoe

Target DNA detection and quantitation on a single cell with single base resolution

Tania Konry, Adam Lerner, Martin L. Yarmush, Irina V. Smolina

Measuring neutrophil speed and directionality during chemotaxis, directly from a droplet of whole blood

Anh N. Hoang, Caroline N. Jones, Laurie Dimisko, Bashar Hamza, Joseph Martel, Nikola Kojic & Daniel Irimia

Long-term time-lapse multimodal intravital imaging of regeneration and bone-marrow-derived cell dynamics in skin

Benedikt W. Graf, Eric J. Chaney, Marina Marjanovic, Steven G. Adie, Michael De Lisio, M. Carmen Valero, Marni D. Boppart, Stephen A. Boppart


Non-thermal, pulsed electric field cell ablation: A novel tool for regenerative medicine and scarless skin regeneration

Alexander Golberg, G. Felix Broelsch, Stefan Bohr, Martin C. Mihm, Jr. , William G. Austen, Jr. , Hassan Albadawi, Michael T. Watkins, Martin L. Yarmush

Corneal nerve quantification predicts the severity of symptoms in sarcoidosis patients with painful neuropathy

M. Brines, M. Swartjes, M.R. Tannemaat, A. Dunne, M. van Velzen, P. Proto, E. Hoitsma, I. Petropoulos, X. Chen, M. Niesters, A. Dahan, R. Malik & A. Cerami

A functional system for high-content screening of neuromuscular junctions in vitro

A.S.T. Smith, C.J. Long, K. Pirozzi & J.J. Hickman

Advanced Materials

Nanoparticle-encapsulated doxorubicin enhances cryoablation of cancer stem-like cells

Wei Rao, Adriano Bellotti, Peter J. Littrup, Jianhua Yu, Xiongbin Lu, Xiaoming He

Prussian blue-functionalised graphene in the amperometric detection of peroxide and hydrazine

Gareth P. Keeley, Arlene O'Neill, Michael Holzinger, Serge Cosnier, Jonathan N. Coleman, Georg S. Duesberg

Energy & Environment



Information Science & Technology

Technology Based Manufacturing



Marine & Transportation Technologies



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